Apprenticeship - 8 Sessions: Aug. 5 - Sept. 23, 2024 (LIVE)

A Deep Dive Into Sacred Geometry


Embark on a live, 8-week adventure into the art, practice, and wisdom of drawing Sacred Geometry from a Knew perspective with master geometer George as your guide!

The Knew Geometry Apprenticeship is critical to develop the skills to draw and create sacred geometric designs and forms. Exercise your Mind's Eye as you enhance your creative intuition, directly dialogue with the sacred forms as they share their intelligence, and integrate your experience by sharing  artwork, insights, discoveries, and personal transformations in a small group of no more that 9 participants.

The apprenticeship is a mind-expanding experience for all who participate, adding many sacred geometry techniques to your pattern language, while connecting deeply with the forms on an intuitive level. You also have the benefit of sharing the journey with like-minded people, guided by someone who loves Sacred Geometry!


  • Limited to 9 participants 
  • Weekly Live Sessions 1pm EDT Monday 
  • 1.5 hour sessions 

Apprenticeship: 8 Sessions

$216 USD

  • A Deep Dive into Sacred Geometry

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