Masterclass: Golden Ratio Pyramids

Sacred Geometry of the Russian and Giza Pyramids

Course Summary

Journey to the pinnacle and explore the art and craft of Knew sacred Geometry through the study of pyramids! George is your guide in this immersive, hands-on adventure drawing and building two iconic golden ratio pyramids: the Great pyramid of Giza and Russian pyramids!

Learn newly discovered sacred geometry techniques using compass and straightedge to draw the Russian pyramids and their all important phi scaling angle of 76.345˚ including the templates to build a nested model of a Russian pyramid nesting perfectly inside the Giza pyramid! Using hand drawn techniques, you’ll also create a cone that follows the phi scaling angle, perfectly fitting inside of the Russian Pyramid model you created!

The instructional videos walk you step by step through drawing techniques used to produce the 76.345˚angle that you can use to create beautiful creative works of art. Besides these videos a number of precise computer generated templates are provided.

For both beginners and advanced geometers. All the basic techniques to get started are covered, and if you are well seasoned in the craft, many new techniques are shared to enhance your skills. This is an amazing sacred geometric adventure, the ultimate course on drawing and constructing golden ratio pyramids!

Portions of the content are recordings of live, online classes from the Golden Ratio Pyramids workshop,  augmented with additional pyramid drawing lessons and templates.

Course Curriculum

  • Masterclass: Golden Ratio Pyramids Workshop
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    Sacred Geometry of the Russian and Giza Pyramids