Masterclass: Square Perspective of the Core 4 Forms (LIVE)

5 Sessions: April 1 - 29, 2024 • Sacred Geometry of the Cosmic Mind Series (Part 3)

Masterclass Summary

This course focuses on revealing the sacred geometry of higher-order compounds of the Platonic and Archimedean Solids. Master Knew Geometry's creative discovery process, methods, and techniques used to draw these advanced, beautiful forms, while expanding your understanding of Phi-based, fractal geometry and nature’s sacred pattern language.

Draw and Build these Core 4 forms from 2-fold, square perspective:

  • Compound of 6 Dodecahedra
  • Compound of 6 Icosahedra
  • Compound of 6 Icosidodecahedra
  • Compound of 5 Cubeoctahedra


This Masterclass is the third course in the three part Sacred Geometry of the Cosmic Mind Series. In the first part we drew the Core 4 forms from 5-fold pentagon perspective, and the second we drew the same forms from the 3-fold hexagon perspective. All Masterclasses emphasize mastering the drawing techniques used for each of Knew Geometry's three prime drawing perspectives, as each part is focused on one particular view, and can be done in any order.

  • Understanding the multi-faceted relationships of these higher-order forms enhances your understanding of all other forms contained within them
  • Enhance your creative intuition by dialoguing with higher-order sacred forms directly sharing their intelligence
  • Integrate and expand your experience by sharing artwork, insights, discoveries, and personal transformations in a private Masterclass forum

This Masterclass's Weekly Live Sessions are open to returning apprentices or with permission from the instructor. Participating in Masterclasses adds many techniques to your pattern language by applying these skills to more advanced and detailed drawings. With each leg of the journey, you'll deepen your intuitive connection by Knowing and Being with the patterns while having the opportunity to share your experiences and discoveries with fellow Knew Geometers. Your passionate Knew Geometry Guide welcomes you back as we advance along the journey of discovery and the expansion of consciousness!


  •  Limited to 12 participants
  • Weekly Live Sessions 1 PM EDT Monday
  • 1.5 hour sessions 


  • Live Masterclass: April 1 - 29. 2024
  • $108 USD

    Square Perspective of the Core 4

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