Metatron’s Cube Re-Mastered

Recognizing the Distortion and Drawing the Truth

Course Summary

Dive into an in-depth experience focused on rectifying the popular design known as Metatron’s Cube, arguably one of the most popular designs in sacred geometry, claimed to contain the 5 Platonic Solids.

Unbeknownst to many, Metatron’s Cube critically distortions both golden ratio forms, the dodecahedron and icosahedron, disconnecting them from other forms they embed within and stellate beyond. Providing a number of alternative solutions, this course empowers you to draw accurate golden forms. By recognizing, understanding, and correcting the initial flaws in the template, a multitude of breakthrough patterns emerge, enriching and deepening the Geometer's experience of the art.

Comprised of 9 video lessons, we start by drawing the common version of Metatron’s Cube, then illustrate how golden ratio forms emerge by using Knew Geometry's original templates —the Golden Fruit of Life, the Golden Sprout of Life, the Golden Seed of Life, and the Golden Flower of Life— finally culminating in a Golden Master Template. This course will expand your relationship to Sacred Geometry, increase your pattern recognition skills, and expand your consciousness.

Metatron’s Cube Re-Mastered is the ultimate upgrade and the next level of Sacred Geometry, which has unfortunately been stuck in a loop, regurgitating misleading and inaccurate imagery for over 30 years. This course is designed to set you on the Golden Path of the Knew Geometer within you. Unlock your creative potential and draw the eternal truths inherent in Sacred Geometry with the Re-Mastered Metatron’s Cube!  

This course contains 

  • 9 video Lessons 
  • 4 hours of 1-on-1 instruction (average video length 25 minutes) 
  • A Collection of 14 Knew Geometry Youtube Videos about Metatron's Cube, that relate to the drawing techniques in the course
  • PDF versions of two of Knew Geometry Youtube Presentations that can be studied. 
  • Article written by George published in the Lazurus Initiative Journal called: The Truth About Metatron's Cube
    and a Golden Rule.

The content of this course is an entry level class for all, providing an enriching experience for intermediate and advanced geometers, specially those not familiar with Knew Geometry's offerings.  

Course Curriculum

Metatron's Cube Re-Mastered

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  • Recognizing the Distortion and Drawing the Truth

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