The Platonic Solids in the Golden Seed of Life

Knew Geometry's Guide to Drawing Sacred Geometry (Volume 1)

Course Summary

Following this self-paced, step-by-step guide, you acquire Sacred Geometry drawing techniques by working only with compass and straight edge wile producing incredible designs!

Learn about the Phi ratio and how to construct the most fundamental building blocks of creation: the 5 Platonic solids, including the elusive perfect pentagon, impossible to construct via Metatron's Cube. This course is an amazing entry level course to start your Knew Sacred Geometry adventure!

Course Contents

  • 10 instructional videos along with 54 instructional figures
  • 10 templates for making 3D models
  • 9 inspiring works of heArt. 

Course Curriculum

Knew Geometry Guide Vol. 1

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  • Drawing the Platonic Solids in the Golden Seed of Life