Drawing the Sri Yantra

Constructing the 9 Triangles with the Golden Ratio Pyramid

Free Mini-Course Summary

A guided journey to drawing your beautiful Sri Yantra with George awaits you!

This Free mini-course contains 

  • Downloadable 33 step guide to drawing the 9 triangles of the Sri Yantra with the Golden Ratio Pyramid 
  • Video Lesson of Drawing the Sri Yantra by Hand with George

The method used to construct the Sri Yantra in this Guide was inspired by the author of Pyramid Power, Patrick Flanagan who 199, published a short guide to drawing the Sri Yantra using the Golden Ratio Pyramid; however, he did not include a method of drawing with a compass and straight edge. After many attempts at drawing his version, I  settled on the technique shown here. This simple method using only a compass and straight edge turns the Sri Yantra into a delight to draw and produces a more accurate version than Patrick‚Äôs. Grateful for his method, I am thrilled to have discovered an easier way to draw the beautiful 9 interlocked triangles of the Sri Yantra with the Golden Ratio Giza Pyramid. Enjoy!

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Drawing The Sri Yantra