The Way of Sacred Geometry

Mastering the Compass

Course Summary

Presenting a novel way of engaging with the art of sacred geometry, this course focuses on mastering the compass, learning about the relationships arising from overlapping circles, and creating beautiful artistic expressions born from the hidden ratios and sacred numbers revealing the eternal truths and relationships of sacred geometry.

Comprised of 18 video lessons, this course deepens your the practice of sacred geometry. Becoming intimately familiar with the Sacred Square Root template leads to discovering the hidden golden ratio in 5 different square root circle templates, which we use to draw a golden ratio based dodecahedron, illustrating how different routes lead to the same destination along The Way. Additionally, we draw the three main perspectives (2-fold, 3-fold, and 5-fold) all emerging from one golden circle template. The Way of Sacred Geometry is a rewarding journey designed for the expansion of consciousness by enriching your understanding and appreciation of the beautiful patterns and truths waiting for discovery along the path of sacred Knew Geometry!

This course contains 

  • 18 video Lessons 
  • 6.5 hours of 1-on-1 instruction (average video length 20 minutes) 
  • Geogebra tested drawings for each lesson showing precise values 
  • Downloadable Sacred Square Root template 
  • Bonus Video: Knew Geometers Meet-up live session based on the course content

This course is accessible to beginners. The foundational drawing of these lessons is the Seed of Life. Don't worry about the math of square roots, as this is not a math class; all values mentioned are generated in the circle templates and explained only to provide a deeper appreciation. Endless artistic creations can be manifested with the techniques presented here, so enjoy and have fun. The following video was the inspiration for this course. May it inspire you to pick up the compass and continue your journey along The Way of Sacred Knew Geometry!

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The Way of Sacred Geometry

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  • Mastering the Compass

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